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JellyBean's Story

On January 27, 2024, we welcomed Jellybean into our lives, a beautiful Rottweiler girl we had been fostering since October 27, 2023. Against all odds, she became an inseparable part of our family when a half-off adoption event at the shelter included her on the list. Little did we know the challenges she would face.


Jellybean, our darling, was diagnosed with a grade 5/6 heart murmur, along with pulmonary and aortic stenosis. Initially deemed unfit for adoption, we couldn't let her go. She became not just a pet but a cherished member of our family.


Here's the harsh reality: Jellybean urgently requires a coronary angioplasty, a procedure vital for addressing the narrowing of her coronary arteries. The cost of the surgery at Purdue University is approximately $4800, and there's an additional $350 for another crucial echo. Factor in the medications, post-surgery care, and it's a substantial financial burden. We are doing everything we can to raise funds, as we believe in giving Jellybean the fighting chance she deserves.


Purdue University is ready to perform the surgery, and time is of the essence. Without it, Jellybean's chances of survival diminish as her heart struggles to function correctly as she grows. We recently consulted with the vet, and Purdue emphasized the urgency of the situation.


Jellybean, at just 8 months old, is an incredible, sweet, and beautiful soul who deserves a shot at life. Despite being denied insurance due to her pre-existing conditions, we refuse to give up on her. In our family of five rescues, Jellybean captured our hearts because, like me, her mom, facing the challenges of being a type 1 insulin-dependent diabetic, she deserves unwavering support.


We are reaching out, not just for financial assistance but for a lifeline for Jellybean. Every contribution, no matter how small, will make a significant impact in helping us secure the funds needed for Jellybean's surgery, medications, and aftercare.


Thank you from the depths of our hearts for taking the time to read Jellybean's story. Your generosity will not only save a life but will be a beacon of hope for our family – Rosalia, Orlando, Jellybean, her human siblings, and her fur siblings Mia, Bear, Rocky, and Peanut Butter.


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